Since I was born I conceive art as my life; it belongs to me, and I belong to it. In my childhood it was my toy, and today it means everything to me. When I start a work I enter in a trance forgetting who I am. Time stops and there is no other space beyond the one that my hands on the canvas dictate. I imagine atmospheres, the places that my characters are going to inhabit. By making the backgrounds I dive into abstraction as a way of shouting rebellion, struggle and strength into the void. Then the characters come: their presence imposes itself to the outbreak of turbulence in order to balance the universe that I created and find a path of light and hope in the shadows. My work wishes to show, from the depths, something unknown to us, which allows us to forget for a moment the reality which imprisons us. This is the edge where the real and the unreal cross paths, combining the different dimensions, times: a realm where it is possible to dream awake that a life in pure harmony is still possible. There, my “traveling mind” seeks for answers to existential questions, drifting between fragments of memory and illusory images, which tell us that the impossible is not so far and that the secret is to open our minds. It is a call to the conscience of mankind, a reminder that there is a way out to recover the lost values and achieve peace, escaping the world of chaos. Regarding my esthetic values, my work uses acrylic paint and I give great importance to representation within an “empty” and abstract space with interwoven pigments where the chiaroscuro contrasts with the characters that I create with extreme neatness inside a mystical atmosphere, delving into the dream world.

«A trip to the interior from the outside»


Ad Infinitum


Ad Infinitum Dolls 

Encrucijada 50 x 70


Jugant amb l´art






Sperit Lliure






Dossier De Jaume



Ciceró D’Art ” Sandra De Jaume, la retratista del enigma»